Tesla Marketing Mix: Four Ps

Author: Abhijeet Pratap

Date: July 09, 2024

Marketing Mix of Tesla

Tesla marketing mix

Tesla is an innovative company that is well known globally as a maker of electric vehicles. The company has experienced solid growth over the past few years and has established itself as the leader in the EV sector.

While it is currently the largest player in the EV sector with the largest market share, the rise of BYD of China has come as a challenge to Tesla’s market dominance. BYD’s market share has expanded rapidly and it is sharply behind Tesla in terms of market share. However, speaking in terms of innovation and market value, Tesla is ahead of all the other automobile businesses in the world.

It is the largest player in the global automobile industry based on market capitalization. In 2023, Tesla’s annual net revenue grew to $96.8 billion or 19% higher compared to the prior year. The company is experiencing a rise in demand and popularity of its electric vehicles driven by its strong focus on innovation.

In this marketing mix of Tesla, we will analyze the four Ps including product, pricing, promotions and placement mix used by Tesla for the marketing of its brand and products.

Product Mix of Tesla

Tesla is known globally as the maker of electric vehicles primarily. However, it also manufactures and sells energy generation and storage products. Tesla’s portfolio of electric vehicles includes Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y as well as Cybertruck. These products are just as excellent in terms of design as in terms of performance. The company has placed a strong focus on innovation and makes technologically advanced cars that are equipped with modern technologies including Tesla’s renowned Autopilot technology. It has also introduced a nice range of power generation and storage products including power wall, solar panels, mega packs and solar roofs.

Tesla’s product range may be limited compared to the legacy automakers like aToyota. Volkswagen, and others. However, the company has maintained its focus on some key models and plans to introduce a few more models in the future. Tesla products still enjoy strong popularity mainly because of innovation and quality.

Pricing in the Marketing Mix of Tesla

Tesla is known mainly as a premium brand of vehicles that has introduced vehicles for the higher end segment of the market. Model S and Model X are its higher priced models and Model 3 and Model Y are priced somewhat affordably.

Here is how Tesla has priced its models:

Tesla Models and Prices

  • Model S: $66,490
  • Model X: $63,990
  • Model 3: $33,990
  • Model Y: $31,490

As you can see, Model S and Model X are premium products targeted mainly at the higher end of the market. However, compared to these two models, Tesla has priced its Model 3 and Y more affordably. Despite that the price is not too low to avoid image dilution. Tesla has created the image of a premium brand which is also related to its pricing strategy. BYD, which is its closest competitor, is targeting the mass market through its competitively priced electric cars.

However, Tesla is planning to introduce a few more affordably priced products to target customers in the middle class. Currently, it is pursuing a premium pricing strategy, for which it offers excellent quality and high performance cars.

Placement in the Marketing Mix of Tesla

Tesla’s main market is the North American region and its largest market is the United States. However, the company is expanding globally to more markets and has already established itself in China and some European markets. It is also expanding its supercharger network at a very fast rate. The company has expanded its manufacturing network to outside the US to cater to local demand in the Chinese and the European markets.

Tesla is headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States. Its list of manufacturing facilities (Gigafactories) includes the following:

Tesla Factories

  • Fremont, CA Factory
  • Gigafactory, Nevada
  • Gigafactory New York
  • Gigafactory, Shanghai
  • Gigafactory, Texas
  • Gigafactory, Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Kato Factory
  • Megafactory, Lathrop

Tesla’s Shanghai factory is its first Gigafactory located abroad and produced model 3 and Model Y. The Kato Factory of the company is responsible for battery production and pilot product development.

Its supercharger network includes more than 50,000 superchargers, which are located at convenient locations along major routes. Tesla’s supercharger network has also played a major role in helping the company grow its brand awareness and sales faster.

Promotion in the Marketing Mix of Tesla

Tesla has positioned itself as an innovative brand of electric vehicles. Its image is that of a highly innovative brand that focuses on passenger safety and customer experience apart from product quality and performance. Tesla does not depend on heavy advertising and promotions like the legacy automakers. Instead it has relied upon its brand image and positive word of mouth to promote its brand and products. While Tesla has created a unique and differentiated image for itself, it has not relied on extensive promotions to achieve sales of drive demand higher.

Tesla has achieved global popularity and a strong image without spending a fortune on advertising and promotions. As a leading and highly innovative automobile brand, it enjoys strong media coverage and publicity. However, its CEO Elon Musk does use the social media channel X to connect with the fans and followers of Tesla.

Tesla has rather than advertising and promotions focused on fostering a sense of community among Tesla customers and fans. Its sustainable brand image has also helped the company grow its popularity and strengthen brand awareness worldwide.


Tesla has adopted a smart marketing strategy that rather than depending on advertising and promotions utilizes an innovative approach to marketing and growing brand awareness. The company has established itself as a leading brand name in the world of electric vehicles. It enjoys strong brand awareness in almost all corners of the world. Being a highly innovative brand, it enjoys strong media coverage and publicity which is a major advantage for the company.

It makes mainly premium products that are targeted at the higher end of the market. While its largest market is the United States, followed by China, the company is also expanding its presence in the European market. It is also expanding its supercharger network so that Tesla customers have easy access to charging in the various markets where Tesla products are sold.

Tesla’s rapid growth has been fuelled by innovation. Its cars are popular because of its excellent design and technology. As the leading EV maker, Tesla also enjoys strong customer loyalty.