Main Competitors of Skoda & Similar Brands

Author: Abhijeet Pratap

Date: April 28, 2024

Skoda competitors

Leading Rivals of Skoda Motors

Skoda Automobile company has been in existence for more than 125 years. Its first vehicle came out of Skoda factory in 1905. Now, the company is a part of the German brand Volkswagen's portfolio.

Skoda Auto is a manufacturer of world class premium automobiles. Its products enjoy strong recognition and popularity. They are known to be excellent in terms of design, and performance.

Globally, competition in the automobile industry has kept intensifying. Companies are investing heavily in innovation to improve product quality, safety and demand.

Automobile businesses are introducing electric models to grow the attractiveness of their lineup and improve demand. Sales of electric models has grown and no brand wants to be left behind in the race. Skoda has also introduced some electric models including Coupes and SUVs in fully electric versions.

In this post, we are going to discuss the leading rivals of Skoda Auto. The company is operating in an intensely competitive market environment and globally there are several competitors of Skoda in all the leading markets.

Here is a list of the top competitors of Skoda Automobiles:

Skoda Competitors:

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Chevrolet
  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Jeep
  • Honda
  • Volvo Cars
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Renault


BMW is among the top premium car brands in almost all the leading markets globally. The Germany based premium and luxury car brand is renowned globally and has carved out a distinct identity for itself. Known for offering sheer driving pleasure, BMW leads in terms of vehicle design, performance and innovation.

In the European as well as Asian and North American markets, BMW is among the leading competitors of Skoda. BMW offers a large and diversified product range and its product portfolio includes premium and higher end luxury car models. The BMW group also owns the MINI and RollsRoyce car brands.

Like several other leading car brands globally, BMW has also focused on extending its range of electric models. Its electric models selling in the US include BMW i4, BMW i5, BMW i7 and BMW iX. The BMW group is an aggressively competitive automobile brand.


Audi is another leading premium car brand enjoying strong fanfare and brand awareness globally. It is also one of the leading premium car brands whose vehicles are preferred for their elegant design and excellent performance.

Like Skoda, Audi also belongs to the Volkswagen family and yet it is among the top rivals of Skoda Automobiles. Audi has introduced a nice product range that includes coupes as well as SUVs. To effectively compete against the other premium vehicle brnads, Audi has improved its product line to include more SUVs and electric models.

In fiscal 2023-24, Audi experienced solid growth in the Indian market driven by strong demand for its product models. Volkswagen is investing heavily in innovation to strengthen all the brands in its product portfolio.


Chevrolet belongs to the General Motors family which also owns Buick, GMC and Cadillac. Chevrolet is the most well known brand in the portfolio of General Motors.

Chevrolet's extensive lineup is an important attraction of the brand. It offers a nice lineup of cars, SUVs, and electric cars. Apart from affordably priced models, the company also offers higher end products.

Chevrolet products are excellent in terms of design and performance and General Motors is investing in innovation to expand and improve Chevrolet's product line.


Japan based Toyota is a well known name in the world of automobiles and recognized worldwide for its excellent focus on engineering and innovation. The company offers a large and attractive line of vehicles including SUVs and cars as well as electric vehicles.

Toyota enjoys a market leadership position in several automobile markets across the world. The Toyota Motor Corporation also owns the Lexus brand whch is among top competitors of Skoda in several markets. Both Toyota and Lexus sell several high performance models and have remained highly popular in the US market.


Hyundai is a South Korean brand of vehicles that also owns Kia Motors. It has become popular throughout the globe and offers a nice lineup of vehicles including sedans, SUVs and electric cars. Hyundai is known for performance and excellent design as well as its focus on innovation. The company has expanded its range of electric vehicles and reinvented its lineup with more attractive designs and models.

While Hyundai makes vehicles mainly for the mass market, the company also offers a nice range of premium vehicles. It has improved its existing lineup and added a signifciant number of electric models. The new models launched in 2023 and 2024 and some about to be launched are very impressive in terms of design. SUVs like Santa Fe and Tucson by Hyundai have impressive sales in several overseas markets including the US.


The US based Ford Motors is a well known name in all the corners of the world. Ford has focused on restructuring its business and is experiencing a lot of success from its commercial segment.

Ford Motors is known for its focus on engineering and innovation as well as its vast lineup that includes a large number of SUVs and Pickup trucks. Ford has also remained the best truck brand in the US. The company is experiencing increased sales of its electric models in the commercial segment.

Ford also owns the premium Lincoln brand. The company has continued to invest in innovation to bring attractive models to the market that fit consumer needs better. Ford is a highly competitive and strong automobile brnad, enjoying a leadership position in several markets including the US.


Nissan is another leading rival of Skoda in the US and several leading European markets. Nissan makes and sells a vast lineup of vehicles that includes cars, SUVs, trucks and sportscars.

Nissan also makes and sells two popular electric car models including Nissan Leaf and Nissan Aria. The company has increased its focus on innovation in recent years. It has won several recognitions and accolades for making very safe and high performance vehicles. The company itself is based in Japan and was founded in 1933. However, it has become a global brand and has a strong position in several leading automobile markets across the globe.


Honda is another leading Japanese vehicle brand that offers an attractive portfolio of automobiles including cars, crossovers and SUVs. The company enjoys strong brand recognition and a leadership position in several leading automobile markets across the globe. Honda is known for engineering, technology and for making high performance cars and for its focus on passenger safety.

However, the real competition for Skoda comes from the Honda owned Acura brand vehicles that are available mainly in the North American markets. In several other markets, Honda City Sedan is among the leading rivals of the sedans made and sold by Skoda. Honda has also released some SUV models to make its product line more attractive and competitive.


Jeep is a part of the Stellantis family and known for its range of high tech SUVs with strong offroading capabilities.

The American SUV maker offers an entire range of premium and luxury SUVs as well as a few affordably priced models. Its Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade are its affordably priced models. Jeep SUVs are known to be rugged and having strong offroading capabilities.

Jeep has maintained a strong global presence and the company enjoys strong brand awareness and popularity globally.

Volvo Cars

The name Volvo itself has become syenonymous with passenger safety. Volvo offers an impressive range of sedans and SUVs. Once owned by Volvo, now the Volvo cars brand is owned by a Chinese automobile brand Gilee.

Volvo is heavily focussed on innovation and passenger safety. While it is known to make the safest cars, the company is also investing heavily in electric mobility. The company has announced that it will have fully transformed its lineup of vehicles into electric models by 2030.

Over the past several years, since it came under Gilee's ownership, it has been transforming its product portfolio to make more attractive and impressive models. This has enabled the company to grow its competitiveness and compete more fiercely against its rivals in the global markets.

Skoda Models:

  • Enyaq Coupe
  • Enyaq
  • Fabia
  • Scala
  • Octavia
  • Octavia Combi
  • Superb
  • Superb Combi
  • Kamiq
  • Karoq
  • Slavia
  • Kushaq
  • Kodiaq